Rapid, Mobile Neurocognitive Testing

In 10-15 minutes, BrainCheck assesses a wide range of Cognitive Domains, including Reaction TimeImmediate & Delayed RecallCognitive ProcessingExecutive FunctionVisual AttentionTask Switching, & Coordination

Results are available immediately, with comparisons to a population database (normed by age) and to an individual baseline (if available), giving you an instant snapshot of your patient's brain health.

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Our customers have reimbursed for BrainCheck assessments using several CPT codes, including CPT 96138 for test administration, CPT 96132 for test interpretation, and CPT 99483 for cognitive care planning.

Jeffrey Ogden, MD
Achieve Health

"We found that, number one, patients thought [BrainCheck] was really cool. And number two, we found [cognitive] issues that people would deny."

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Provide comprehensive cognitive care and get reimbursed with neurocognitive tests that can be administered anywhere — in clinic or remotely.

Digital. Validated. Reimbursable.

BrainCheck Advanced Cognitive Health Platform

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U.S. FDA Class II Medical Device

Reimbursable by Insurance

HIPAA Compliant

Available on iPad or Browser

Remote Testing Capable

Immediate Results

"You can tell BrainCheck really puts an emphasis on the platform's ease of use. The tests are easier for patients to understand and easier for staff to remember."

Bruce Taylor, MD
Taylor Internal Medicine

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